Company profile - seed design and engineering


Founded in 2008 by German engineers, Thomas Harter and Oliver Roemer, seed is a global design and engineering company based in Freiburg, Germany.

The company offers product development and engineering services, from conception to design, engineering, and testing stages and into production.

While primarily focused on the bicycle industry seed also provides carbon engineering and consulting services to the moto racing and automotive industry.

seed’s mission is to be a fresh-thinking company using experience and vision to create and develop innovative, quality products.

After a stint at Siemens, Thomas Harter started his career in the bicycle industry with Maverick in Boulder, CO. Later on he worked in carbon and suspension development for Scott USA while at Denk Engineering.

Oliver Roemer is known for his product line offered under the “tout-terrain” brand name, that includes the award winning singletrailer, Panamericana, Metropolitan, as well as various commuter and touring bicycles that set new standards.

"We know the challenge for companies to take care of their day-to-day operations and still keep an eye on future product. What we offer is a wide range of support to companies with design, product development and engineering needs to get things done", says Oliver Roemer, who’s background include stints at EADS and HP/Compaq´s product management team.

“Our experience in design of consumer products and experience with European and Asian frame and component manufacturers will help bring your new designs to market more efficiently,”, says Thomas Harter.
Latest design highlights of the group include Storck´s Aero 2 Carbon Tri-Bike, raced by Tri team Abu Dhabi as well as the Eurobike 09 award winning tout terrain Metropolitan, a commuter bicycle equipped with Gates Carbon Drive.

seed can be reached at:

ph: +49-761-6115907
email: office(at) web: Further references available upon request.